Propio Norge AS was founded in 2010 in Austevoll, Norway

Austevoll has strong traditions within the maritime industry and has over centuries been a leader of innovation within fishery, shipping and offshore industries. This community has created a strong connection to and respect for the environment surrounding our archipelago, creating a solid sense for environmental friendly solutions. The development of the companies within the region has put Austevoll on the map as a worldwide leader within maritime innovations.

Propio is a result of this dynamic environment, and with constant feedback from the community, Propio is in pole position to respond to any challenges that are faced in these fast growing industries. Our flagship product, The Jellyfish Concept, is an invention built on these challenges and Propio will continue to focus on developing future solutions to compliment the maritime industries.

With our focus on the environment Propio have been recognised as a proactive player in its service niche, and we have received several awards for The Jellyfish Concept. The seismic industry has long called for new methods to improve the cleaning process on streamer cables, as no one has been able to provide satisfactory solutions.

We will continue to work for a sustainable environment as we develop solutions for future challenges.